The beginning

Our company was founded in Spain in 1976 as commercial and service agency offering the best services to our customers around the world, being our main business the canned vegetables and canned fruits.

In 2003 we improve our business establishing offices in Chile and Peru, increasing our capacity to offer our products in more sustainable periods along the year avoiding the typical seasonality of the products we work.


Our policy

The policy of our company is to offer safe and high quality products and at the best price, based on our experience and excellent relationship with our suppliers, following the requirements of our customers or ours own, regarding good manufacturing practices and quality specifications.


Our job

Our job consists on representing our customers in an independent way in the whole process of import-export, monitoring all the points of the process, avoiding this way deviations or non conformities of the service.



Comercial Department


Always looking for the best relationship quality & price, always maintaining informed to our customers on the evolution of the seasons, availabilty and price of the different products. This way, we always contract the product under the best market conditions with the agreement of our customer.

Quality Department


We audit and monitoring the critical points of the process and quality control of the finish product previously to the shipment to ensure that the product meets the quality specification required for quality, labeling and loading.

Logistic and Administration Department


Always looking for the best relationship price & quality for the transportation of the merchandise.

By checking all the documents are corrects and submitted on time to our customer to avoid extra costs at time of releasing the merchandise at destination.


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